VooDoo Cycles Lineup

VooDoo Cycles began in 1994 by a diverse group of cyclists from many backgrounds in design, racing, retail and business. Back then the hardtail was king. VooDoo was known for some of the finest bicycles when hardtails were state of the art in efficiency and simplicity. Today we are still keeping the hardtail alive on the mountain, while refining our road and gravel bicycles with modern geometry and industry standards.

voodoo bizango side.png
voodoo djab side.png

Reynolds 853 Steel 27.5 Long-Travel Hardtail


Titanium 27.5 Long-Travel Hardtail

voodoo dambala side.png
voodoo zocalo side.png

Titanium 29/27.5+ Hardtail

Reynolds 853 Steel 29/27.5+ Hardtail

voodoo rada front.png

Carbon Disc Road Bike

Reynolds 853 Steel Gravel Road

voodoo avalou side.png

Cromoly Classic Road