SQlab Overview

SQlab creates ergonomic bicycle products to eliminate pain and discomfort, resulting in increased performance. Focusing on bicycle touch points; saddles, grips, bars and insoles. Find out how SQlab can improve you cycling today!


Sitbone Width + Sitting Position = Finding the Right Saddle for you!

In 2002, we developed a simple equation which uses the distance of the sitbone tips in dependence of the riding positing to calculate the perfect saddle width. This method has meanwhile been established globally. The method may be interpreted slightly differently from different saddle manufacturers and many leave the adjustment equation away all together, but our basic concept is used in all of these measuring methods.

sqlab sit position.jpg
sqlab saddle width.png
sqlab mens pelvis.jpg
sqlab womens pelvis.jpg
sq step saddle.png

Grips & Handlebars

sqlab hand position.jpg


The Perfect Grip

Holding on, steering and braking are the most important tasks a bike grip has to handle - and of course, it should also be comfortable. Only a grip which fits perfectly to the hand can perform these tasks.

This is why the SQlab grips and handlerbars are available in different shapes and sizes.

sqlab bar.png


Corresponding to the various foot types and specific requirements in cycling, we have developed insoles that support the various different weaknesses.

Benefits and function of the insoles:

  • optimal pressure distribution
  • maximised power transmission
  • support for the foot arches
  • relief of overstressed nerves
sqlab insole 2.png